The benefits of Children's Reflexology

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This month, and especially during the half term holidays last week I have been lucky enough to welcome quite a few younger clients into the Treatment Room. As a Level 5 Clinical Reflexologist, I am trained to offer reflexology treatments to all members of your family and many children come to see me for reflexology treatments too. Reflexology is a safe, natural and effective way to ease stress and aid relaxation for all the family. It can help to improve wellbeing and improve sleep patterns in children of all ages, it is particularly effective at helping to soothe stress and anxiety in children, who tend to respond even more quickly to their treatments than older clients do.

If you are thinking about bringing your child for a reflexology appointment, I would recommend a 30 minute Foot Reflexology treatment for Primary school aged children, and a 60 minute treatment for senior school aged children. Teens in particular tend to benefit from Facial Reflexology, which can help with skin breakouts as I include a mini-facial within the treatment; Facial Reflexology also immediately engages the parasympathetic nervous system which allows stressed-out teens to slip into a very deep, almost hypnotic state of relaxation. Reflexology is a perfect way to alleviate pre GCSE and A Level stress... leading to a calmer family environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you want any further information on how reflexology could help your child. Please note that all children must be accompanied to their reflexology appointment by their parent or guardian.

Much Love,

Vicky xx